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Our work ethic is unparalleled with a strong track record of long-standing and high-quality, which is a class apart!


We have the know-how you need.


We aim to create unique designs and construction solutions keeping in mind the project environment and client requirements as a top priority for an approach that sets us apart in the country.

user-centric solutions for every situation​.
Creating unique high-quality designs.
Adopting & constantly learning new construction technologies.
Adapting to rapidly changing market situation with expertise and ease.
Delivering client-specific solutions.
Delivering client-specific solutions.
Delivering client-specific solutions.
Delivering client-specific solutions.
Delivering client-specific solutions.



Sadguru Construction Consortium is the brain child of Mr.Swaroop Bharadwaj, a Civil Engineer not just by qualification, but also  great passion. 

Having worked as a Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Engineer in Almuftah Group, in Doha, Qatar, he has created and executed project work plans and maximized results and profits.

He has proven skills in effectively supervising and training contractors, sub-contractors, and employees to guarantee high-quality output each time.

His experience ranges from construction of Luxury Residential Apartments, Individual Town Houses, Farm Houses, Interior design, Resorts, and Home Stays, Landscaping of Beautiful Event Spaces to  Construction of Commercial Projects such as the Qatar Petroleum Irrigation Project to successfully completing the challenging Shell Pearl GTL NF12 Project costing USD 6 Million and the mega two Almeera Convenience Store Projects worth USD 20.8 Million to name a few.

His core competencies involve Quality Assurance and Control, Auditing, Project Management, Construction Quality Management along with Innovative thinking and the ability to understand and picture what a client wants and delivering their dream! 

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